Brisket Rub

Hot Honeyed Spare Ribs RecipeNothing quite brings out the flavor of a good piece of beef than a good rub. With the right blend of seasoning and spices, an ordinary (or even dull) piece of beef can become an extraordinary brisket.

The right rub will help add character to your brisket. Through adding more and different varieties of pepper, you can give the meat an extra "tang" which will enhance the flavor of the dish once cooked and served. Sweeter spices and blends will add an extra richness, helping the brisket blend more smoothly with other comfort foods added to your barbecue meal. Zest, pizzaz, and a flavorful explosion are all things that can add great character to a brisket, adding much to the final cooking of the meat itself. Whether your brisket is cooked on a grill, in an oven, or in a smoker, choosing the right rub can add tremendously to the overall enjoyment of the meal.