BBQ News!

Getting ready for some football!

There’s nothing like the sound of the pigskin getting kicked off for the first time in the season … and that’s taking place right now in the NFL and on college and high school campuses all around the good ole U.S.A. With football, lots of great things happen… but nothing more special that that opportunity to enjoy some good ole barbecue! Before the game, whether it’s at the stadium, a park, or you’re watching it at home, it’s a great time to gather with friends and strike up the grill or get the smoker fired up. From BBQ chicken to ribs to even a burger (with bbq sauce, of course), the food and it’s preparation are as much a part of the game as some of the action on the gridiron itself. Mmmm… you can almost smell it now. That sweet smokey aroma billowing as you and your friends toss the ball around, getting ready to see your team dominate on the football field of glory. It’s barbecue season baby. Football is back! Who are you rooting for this weekend? What are your grilling? We want to know, tell us below! Tell your friends, and share the BBQ!

Created at 12:00 AM Sunday 4th August 2013
Last Modified at 11:34 PM Wednesday 25th September 2013