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Being part of a community means participating in it. At the American Barbecue Association, you can submit information and tips for those in the community. Know of a ribfest coming to the local community, post the info here! Find a terrific hidden gem – an amazing BBQ joint – let us know so others can enjoy the restaurant you’ve discovered. Through this section, you can share your insights, and we can grow a connected BBQ community. Think of it as a neighborhood picnic or block party – one that starts online and then becomes a reality in your home town. Organizing an event? Invite others to come. Got a Little League cookoff, let others know so they can enjoy a good time and support a good cause. With great power comes great responsiblity… and with great barbecue comes great people and great times. Let’s all pitch in and make OUR barbecue community something extraordinary!

Created at 7:10 AM Thursday 4th July 2013
Last Modified at 6:00 PM Tuesday 9th July 2013

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Image - Kevin Mayeux

Yeah! BBQ is amazing and this is a great place to trade ideas and suggestions with fans. I like to cook BBQ but I also really like to find neat BBQ joints and enjoy a good meal someone else prepares.

By Kevin Mayeux at 5:53 PM Thursday 26th September 2013