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The Great Divide in Texas

In Texas, barbecue is an art. And some of the best barbecue in America is found there. Brisket and sausage are synonymous with The Lone Star State, and most Texans will proudly tell you about how they best prepare their favorite barbecue dishes. What most may not know is that there is a great divide that takes place in Texas. In fact, the epicenter of this divide is in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Folks from Dallas and further east not only love their barbecue – especially anything that has to do with beef – and many like it with sauce. For some, the hotter and spicier the sauce, the better. Nothing like some brisket, may some Texas Red chili, and some mac & cheese. But some fellow Texans further west would think this is a travesty. Sauce on barbecue? Come on … that’s simply not acceptable. Smoked or grilled meats, prepared with the right spices and marinades, is all you need. Putting sauce on top of your brisket or sausage would be like taking a great steak and dumping it in ketchup. You can’t insult the grillmaster or chef by doing that! Interesting debate, one where both points are valid.

The commonality is that it’s always great to apply your craft, prepare terrific food, and then enjoy with family and friends. Just be careful about asking for sauce if you’re in Fort Worth or Amarillo.

Created at 2:16 AM Monday 1st July 2013
Last Modified at 9:59 PM Saturday 17th August 2013