No matter where you go, in any region of the country, barbecue ribs are a part of Americana. From the preparation, to the cooking style, to how they are “topped off”, there’s an endless variety of ways to make ribs an extra special part of any barbecue, family gathering, or tailgate experience.

For many, especially in the South and Southwest, a good rub is an essential part of barbecue rib preparation. Whether the ribs are beef or pork, or something more exotic like alligator, the right rub can add much to the meat’s flavor and appeal. The rub can enhance the other flavors from the cooking and preparation process  extra emphasis on the smoke from the smoker, extra pop to the flavor absorbed from the charcoal, added zing to a batch cooked in sauce in an oven.

Many red-blooded BBQ-loving Americans also like their ribs with rub in advance, cooked to the right temperature and degree of “juiciness” then dabbled in more rub and savory sauce. Some of the most famous rib restaurants in America, like Rendezvous BBQ in a side alley in Memphis, make generous use of rub to make their ribs extra flavorful.

Now serve that up with a side of sauce, a pickle and some white bread. That’s a meal!


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