The sizzle of a good steak on a grill is something that creates a lip licking sensation for most Americans, and meat lovers in general. The sound, smell, and appearance of a steak makes it one of the most popular dishes in the USA  one enjoyed by many as a special treat.

While people choose to prepare their steak in different ways, a good rub can change the character of the steak itself  giving it that extra “kick” to make it stand out as an extra special entre. From a southwest adobe rub, to a Montreal pepper rub, to just about any combination of spices and seasonings, your steak can have a flavor that stands above the rest and makes the meal itself extremely memorable.

Rubs can accompany a good marinade, adding synergy to its zest and kick to its tenderized flavor. Rubs can also provide a crisp coating on a good steak, adding boldness to the experience and helping sear in the juices of the meat itself. Some even combine different preparation methods  marinating first then adding a personalized rub then adding extra accompaniments such as sauce, bleu cheese, or butter.

Regardless of how you like your steak, adding a good rub can change things up a bit, and make a good meal great.


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